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Clogged Toilet Services

Do you need a plumber for your toilet? Call (323)431-3838

Is you toilet clogged and/or flooding? We can help you replace, repair and unclog toilets in Los Angeles with fast response. Our team of plumbers unclogs toilets for apartments, houses as well as commercial entities, such as restaurants, hotels, medical facilities and office buildings.

What To Do With A Clogged Toilet

Do not flush an already clogged toilet. This will likely make your toilet flood. Grab your phone and call (323)431-3838 and we will send one of our expert plumbers to you in Los Angeles.

Eco Friendly Unclogging Solutions

Depending of the nature of the clog in your toilet and its sewer system, different methods may be used. We can offer mechanical unclogging where applicable, but also use hydro-jet solutions to thoroughly clean out debris that may cause flush-able items to get stuck.

What Makes A Toilet Clog

The most common clogs are caused by too much toilet paper or by flushing down items that are not supposed to be flushed down. These could be hygiene articles as well as garbage. Even if these items seem to be able to go down initially, they can cause a blockage further down the system that can affect many households.

24 Hour Availability With Fast Response

If your experience toilet problems, we reach out to your property in less than 30 minutes 24 hour a day.

If you need help with a clogged toilet or need replacement or new installations,  reach out to us at  (323)431-3838.