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Leak Detection

Are you dealing with persistent water leaks in your home or commercial property? At ProTeam Plumbers, we know that plumbing leaks can happen when you least expect them. In turn, they can create a whole lot of distress not just for you but also for your entire family.

Common signs of water leak in your property:

At ProTeam Plumbers, we wish to keep you informed about the signs of a leak in your plumbing system so that you can call us immediately for leak detection without any further delay. Some of the signs include musty odors, wet spots on the floor, increasing water bills, the sound of running water, damp carpet and cracks in the foundation. Call us at any time to detect the leak if you see these signs in your home or commercial property.

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Experts in Leak Detection

We wish to share that the right solution to a plumbing leak will be possible only when the source of the leak is identified. However, this is not something that can be done with ease. The reason for the tricky nature of this task is that the sources of leaks can be hidden in any place like behind the layers of the concrete or drywall. So, at ProTeam Plumbers, we have equipped our team with the right tools that will help them identify the source of leaks be it a single or multiple sources righty.

Why you should not overlook leaks?

At ProTeam Plumbers, we believe that it is our responsibility to educate our clients about the effects of untreated leaks. Yes, we wish to inform you that untreated leaks can lead to expensive damages to even the foundation of your property. The reason is that untreated leaks can lead to mold growth. So, if you find some signs or even visible plumbing leaks, call us for the right leak detection service.

State-of-the-art leak detection techniques

Our team is trained to follow modern leak detection techniques. Also, we stay updated on the latest developments in leak detection technology. Once, our technicians identify the leak using the best methods, they will suggest the best solution to safeguard your property from further damage.

Now you know how important proper leak detection is. Call ProTeam Plumbers at (323)431-3838 for a reliable hand for leak detection.